Active Vijverhof dairy cattle company

The learning aspect of the active Vijverhof farm is also, naturally, available. You will find this active "Vijverhof" dairy farm company at walking distance from the Briesland farm. The farms together form a company. Guests can spend time at both farms and follow the activities "live": 

  • You can see how cows are milked;
  • You can be present when a calf is born;
  • Children are even allowed to feed calves;
  • Both adults and small people enjoy a ride on a tractor;
  • There is a meadow with a pony and goats;
  • And so much more!



WO I - 100 years ago

Frontsoldaten slapen op de hooizolder

During the First World War, the soldiers from the front line came to sleep in the hayloft of the current "Vijverhof" that was then called "Ferme Du Grand Verre". Officers stayed at the house.

The active farm is now being run by Joeri and Kathy, great-grandchildren of the farmer and his wife who lived at "Ferme Du Grand Verre" in 1916.